About us

MEGA WOODS is an Ukrainian based company with warehouse in Portugal specialized in the production and trading of timber, softwood, hardwood, and other wooden products. We are actively involved in the production and exportation of a wide variety of European, American, and African wood species in logs and sawn lumbers and timber.

Our main business areas are:

  • Wood harvesting & forests renewal
  • Timber logs production
  • Lumber production
  • OSB, MDF, HDF, Plywood, Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Wood pellets and wood briquettes production
  • Wood shavings and wood chips production
  • Exportation and Global trade

We have own resources, knowledge and experience to keep under our control the whole chain, from the planting of the tree in the forests, till goods delivery to final customers’ yards and stocks.

We guarantee the best quality for the whole range of our wooden products we supply to our customers.