For many years, we have specialized in plywood. More species, sheet sizes, and thicknesses of plywood are available from us than from any other building source. We sell all types of first-quality plywood in a variety of species. All of the species listed are available in our warehouse. Oversized sheets, bendable plywood, and lengthy size plywood siding are just a few of the specialized plywood materials we have. Megawoods knows plywood like no one else in the industry.
Plywood is a wonderfully strong composite comprised of thin wood veneers stripped from logs (plies) glued together with binders, pressed, and heated. Because the plies are put at different angles, the grain runs one way on one layer, then another on the next, and so on.
While moisture causes wood to compress and expand across the grain, the alternating layers suppress this movement, making plywood more dimensionally stable than a 2×4. Plywood is resistant to warping, bending, cracking, breaking, and shrinking due to its composition and components. The minimal number of plies is three, and the more plies, the better.

Grade: B/BB, BB/CC
Poplar core,Combi core, Hardwood core
Glue: E0 E1 E2
Size: 1220*2440mm* 2.0mm to 25mm

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